Our Team



Gaurav is a thriving entrepreneur in agriculture at Chaudhary farms. His passion for agriculture has led him creating the diverse agricultural business which includes Crop Protection and Nutrition Inputs Retail, Seed Production and Processing, Crop Cultivation and Dairy Farming. He is passionate about making the positive difference in Agriculture sector and rural economy.



She is actively involved in agriculture since 2011. She is completely dedicated to dairy farming and allied agriculture. She keeps writing blogs on issues, opportunities and challenges in agriculture. Her blogs on agro-forestry, dairy farming, conservation agriculture etc have been presented on various International Agricultural Forums. She has also taken up work to promote Climate Resilient Dairy Cattle Breed in her State and making all efforts to develop superior milch dairy breeds which can be promoted amongst small farmers in India.



Varvara hails from Greece and her passion and yearning for yoga and spirituality made her to visit India where she got trained in Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga styles. She has wide range of teaching experience and carries a deep sense of service and has served the community of senior citizens through yoga to bring a positive change in their lives. Now she stays at Chaudhary farms and conducts yoga training as well as takes care of students, visitors and guests.



Saurabh’s passion and love for yoga is behind the foundation of Yoga school at Chaudhary farms. He has received his yoga education under the finest brains, who have brought laurels to the nation through their cutting-edge contribution in the field of yoga. Under the tutelage of great personalities in the field of yoga, Saurabh has been able to gain command over the vast subject matters of Yoga. He also takes care of the green cover at farm and makes sure all trees, plants and flowers grow healthy.